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Three Requirements for Reputation management

Reputation management doesn't have to be difficult, but there are three requirements that you just can't afford to skip. When in doubt, think about the three main places you have to look to see how your reputation is holding up:

Yelp and other review sites


Yelp is certainly the most popular review site and it's sometimes extremely frustrating for small businesses. The reality is that sometimes Yelp just isn't fair. A few rotten customers can destroy your online brand reputation that you've worked so hard to build. As a rule of thumb, always keep an eye on your Yelp account and interact with reviewers when possible. If someone is truly being unfair, then talk to Yelp and see if you can get the review removed.

Social Media

The next most popular place where your reputation can get damaged is on social media. Anyone can post a viral Tweet about your company. If that happens, it will be extremely difficult to control the situation. A proactive strategy is the best way to go about social media. Post content and interact with customers so you can build a solid reputation. If someone decides to cry out, he or she will just be drowned out by all of your content.

Google Local

You should make sure that your small business' information is accurately portrayed on Google's local search. This means that your address and phone number are right and that your thumbnail is actually a picture of your business. All of these factors play an important role in reputation management. If your information on Google is inaccurate, then customers won't be sure if your business is still running.

These three are the absolute minimum required for reputation management. There's a whole lot more you can do to improve your brand's perception online.

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By Todd Levy

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