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Content Creation: Never Publish Anything That Wasn't Checked by an Editor

When it comes to content creation, the role of an editor is just as important as the role of the author. There's no way to create engaging content without having an editor go through your work. This can be done internally within a company or externally with a third-party editor.

Any content marketer knows that their content appears different in their own eyes. When you write something, you look at it from a different point of view. Because you were involved in the creative process, it's easier for you to grasp the whole point of the piece. You can be sure that Ernest Hemingway sees The Sun Also Rises differently than we do.

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A recent Harvard Business Review article explains why content marketers need editors. According to the article, editors can help determine which ideas should be made into blogs and which should be made into Tweets:

"That editor also has the ability to recognize the difference between an idea that’s worth a 140-character tweet, and one that can be developed into a blog post or report—or, for that matter, a three-minute video. They have the ability to work with an author whose ideas may be terrific but who may not be a strong communicator, and develop that author’s ideas into a compelling and engaging piece of content."

Even if you want to create and post your own content, an editor can help you make that content more engaging. They can provide an expert perspective to let you know what needs to be explained better and what should be left out.

As mentioned in the article, they can also help you plan your content better. When you communicate with an editor, he or she will tell you if your idea should be made into a written article or a video. Similarly, if you have an idea but aren't sure about how to expand upon it, an editor can help you there.

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