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December Content Crush

December is a big month for products and companies when it comes to getting their content out there. A few companies caught our eye with their marketing and are listed below as our #ContentCrush for the last month of 2014.


What is content crush you ask? When you see a piece of quality content regardless of the medium, the industry sector, or the marketing channel, post it and include #ContentCrush to let the creator know that you have a crush on their content. Read more on our BLOG

Arby’s is the perfect #ContentCrush because they had to make up with Pepsi and did it in the best way! Because Arby’s forgot to feature Pepsi in their commercial, they had to make things right! Arby’s devoted a 30-second commercial that features nothing but a glass of Pepsi, stating “Arby’s, we have Pepsi” as a shout out to the product. We love this because it’s taking a detail and highlighting it as a feature of their product!

We couldn’t have a content crush with out talking about Serial, yes the Serial Podcast has been listened to by the Crowd Siren team. We might be a little late on the Serial bandwagon but ever since our office listened to the first episode lets just say we had a “minor” binge session.


Serial Podcast unfolds a nonfiction murder story week by week and if you haven’t started listening you can now enjoy season 1 on their website HERE

Overall, we don’t think Adnon did it. And how is it that our favorite media this month is basically our first form of media- radio! We bonded with our folks about that one.


Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer Holiday Guide features a two-paragraph blurb about their Trios Chocolate. The paragraph consists of a fist person voice describing the chocolate and trust us it is very persuasive. They let us know that they are advertising, but they also tempt us into buying it. We appreciate the full transparency and the good writing.

"Oh, sure, we could have called these rich, smooth, creamy, velvety, blends of cocoa “Three Chocolates.” We could have. But we didn’t, because we knew that evoking the French would romanticize everything about Trader Joe’s Trios Chocolats, and these blends, friends, represent the epitome of romance – at least as it can be applies to hot cocoa. Trios Chocolats were created using our signature Sipping Chocolate as a jumping off point. Our goal was to capture the European style of that robust cocoa, and make it even more special by infusing it with flavors that lead captivating character. Goal Reached."

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